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1) What does the brain resemble?

It resembles a _______________________

2) How much does it weigh?

It weighs__________________________

3) What is our brain mostly made up of?

It is mostly made up of_______________ and ____________________

4) What percentage of our body weight does our brain represent?

It represents about_____________ of our body weight

5) How much of the body’s energy does your brain use?

It uses about ______ per cent of the body’s energy.

6) What are neurons?

a. They’re dangerous insects

b. They are brain’s basic building blocks

c. They’re special plants

7) How many neurons have we got?

  1. Two thousands
  2. One million
  3. One hundred billion

8) How many connections does each neuron have with other neurons?

a. two or three

b. between one thousand to ten thousand connections

c. about ten hundred

9) How many neural connections are there within the brain?

  1. Trillions
  2. Billions
  3. Millions

10) How does information pass between neurons?

It passes through a series of ___________ messages and ___________ impulses

11) How much energy does our brain generate during its activity?

It generates between ________ and __________ watts of power

12) Your brain is like a power station that connects your every _______________,

_________________ and ___________________

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