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Hello kids!

For the last two Tuesdays we have visited Dr. Cerebrus’ lab again! We wanted to explore the relationship* between learning* and emotions. Actually, just like Dhalia and Chris, all students can sometimes experience confusion and anxiety before or during tests.

We started to investigate how the brain works and what is happening in our brain when we think.

Here’s what we discovered:

  1. Each neuron is composed by
  • a Cell Body (the “brain” of the neuron)
  • lots of Dendrites (the “branches*” of the neuron)
  • an Axon (the “corridor” of the neuron)
  1. Each neuron communicates with other neurons by means of* chemical* messages
  2. When a neuron is stimulated, it releases* an electrical pulse* down the axon
  3. When the electrical pulse reaches* the end, it makes the neuron release chemicals into the Synapse (the space between it and the next neuron)
  4. These chemicals messages travel through the space between the neurons
  5. When they reach the other cell, these chemicals turn on* the message
  6. Our thoughts* are the result of hundreds of thousand of neurons firing* at once
  7. Our brains are designed to protect us when we feel threatened*: our body produces a “Fight or Flight” response
  8. The “Fight or Flight” response is very useful in case of physical danger: it prepares you to run fast or fight hard*, but it is not useful when you need to stay calm
  9. Here are some strategies to help ourselves feel calm when we get nervous and anxious during a test:
  • Replace* negative thoughts with positive ones. Write them down if necessary.
  • Focus your mind on what you need to do instead of what might* go wrong.
  • Do some “square breathing”.

So, do some practice now, and… enjoy your next tests! ;)))


Relationship: relazione

Learning: apprendimento

Branches: ramificazioni

By means of: per mezzo di

Chemical: chimico

To release: rilasciare, liberare

Pulse: impulso

To reach: raggiungere

To turn on: attivare, accendere

Thought: pensiero

To fire: sparare

To threaten: minacciare

To fight hard: combattere duramente

To replace: sostituire

Might: potrebbe

For any further reference, please go to: https://www.mindsetworks.com/account/myresources.aspx

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