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Hi Guys!

We’ve just started the fourth level of our Brainology® program: Brain Boosters!

In this level we’re going to learn useful and effective strategies that will consistently boost* our skills in studying*.

We’re also going to learn a lot about our memory, what it is and how it works!

Here are some of the facts and information we got to know* during our online Brainology® class:

  1. Memory is stored in the new connections between neurons that our brain makes when we have a new experience
  2. There are different stages* in memory:
  • Sensory memory: it only lasts few milliseconds
  • Working memory: it lasts from a few seconds to minutes
  • Long-term memory: it can last a lifetime*
  1. Memory is a process: if you skip* one stage, the memory will not last
  2. All information enters our brain through sensory memory
  3. Only things you pay attention to go on to working memory
  4. Working memory can only hold 4-7 separate pieces of information at once*
  5. Information moves from working memory to long-term memory through a process called “encoding”
  6. “Encoding” only happens if you:
  • pay attention
  • attach new information to already existing information that supports* it
  • repeat the information
  1. Here are some examples of connecting information together to help expand memory:
  • Chunking: you remember several bits of information* in a pattern*
  • Visual images
  • Acronyms
  1. A good study strategy reinforces the memory process, helping our brain to make strong connections between neurons.
  2. Here are some other examples of study strategies, summed up* in the acronym BRAIN (try and remember it!)
  • Break down information into basic elements
  • Repeat, review, practice skills and information to strengthen* your memory
  • Actively practice new information: share* it with people who are interested in it
  • Information- seeking through expert sources*: teachers, the internet a friend etc…
  • Never give up: stick to the task* long enough* to fully learn and remember what you are studying!

Happy learning!


Boost: potenziare

Skills in studying: competenze nello studio

To get to know: imparare

Stage: livello

Lifetime: tutta la vita

To skip: saltare, evitare

At once: in una volta sola

To support: essere d’aiuto, di sostegno

Bits of information: pezzetti di informazione

Pattern: schema

To be summed up: essere riepilogato

To strengthen: rinforzare

To share: condividere

Source: fonte di informazioni

To stick to the task: persistere nel compito

Long enough: abbastanza a lungo

For any further reference, please go to: https://www.mindsetworks.com/account/myresources.aspx

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