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Hi Kids!

During our two last Brainology Classes, we’ve got acquainted with* some nice guys:

“Summer-Camp Rats”, “Couch Potato Rats”, London Cabbies and Babies, just to mention some*!

What did all these different guys have in common?

They were the object of scientific researches and studies that showed how learning changes the brain.

Here are some highlights* of what we have learned:

  1. Reasearch on rats:
  • It turned out that the rats that lived in an enriched environment* (the “Summer –Camp Rats, with toys, activities and lots of other rats to get along with*) were smarter than the rats that lived in bare* cages (the “Couch Potato Rats”, with only food and water)
  • The Summer Camp Rats were also better at learning new things
  • Their brain was 10 per cent heavier* than the Coach Potatoes’ brain
  • Even older rats were able to develop their brains in the enriched environment

EXPLANATION: the active mental exercise builds up* the brain and makes it smarter and you are never too old to learn.

  1. Reasearch on London Taxi Drivers:
  • Their hippocampus (the area of the brain that remembers information about places) was measured by researchers*
  • The researchers discovered that London Taxi Dirivers’ hippocampus was bigger than the same area in other people’s brain
  • The longer* the Taxi drivers were on the job, the bigger* this area became

EXPLANATION: learning and practicing this skill (learning the location of many different places), makes that area of the brain grow and develop.

  1. Research on Babies
  • New born babies have over 100 billion neurons but the cells have very few connections between them
  • They learn so much in their first few years: for example they learn how to speak their native language
  • As a consequence, they develop many new connections between their brain cells
  • When they become adults they have a trillion or more of these connection

EXPLANATION: Through exposure* and ongoing* practice babies develop new skills and abilities, including speaking. Exposure, practice and new experiences make the brain cells grow more and more connections.

Now, what do you think this brain research reveal* about human potential?

And what does it reveal about YOUR potential?


To get acquainted with: fare la conoscenza di

Just to mention some: per citarne solo alcuni

Highlight: punto più importante

Enriched environment: ambiente arricchito

Bare: spoglio

Heavier: più pesante

To build up: costruire

Researcher: ricercatore

The longer…. the bigger: più a lungo (avevano lavorato come taxisti), più grande (era l’ippocampo)

Exposure: esposizione (a un’esperienza)

Ongoing: continuativo

To reveal: rivelare

For any further reference, please go to: https://www.mindsetworks.com/account/myresources.aspx

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