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Hi Guys!

Here’s a brief summary of today’s Brainology® Class.

First of all, we gave John some practical advice* to get prepared* for his history test. Here are some pieces of advice we agreed* on:

  • John should* sleep about 8 or 9 hours every night: we now know that there’s a close relationship* between sleep and our brain’s performance
  • John should have a good breakfast before going to school and taking a test: we now know that our brain uses up* about 30 per cent of our total energy. We need an adequate amount of good fuel* at the beginning of every day
  • John should plan his school work in advance* and “chunk it down*”
  • John should draw pictures of what he is trying to learn and/or find images on the web
  • Making maps and summarizing the paragraphs would also be helpful*
  • He could* also make some further research about some aspects he is particularly interested in
  • He should find someone to talk to about the History lesson he is studying: telling someone what we are trying to learn is often a good strategy to understand it and remember it.

So, John…. We gave you plenty of* sensible* advice and great strategies. Now it’s up to you*! Good luck for your history test!

Secondly, we reflected on our individual attitudes towards* some experiences, such as, for example, Taking on Challenges*, Taking Risks*, Learning from Mistakes* and Accepting criticism*.

We’ve asked ourselves: how do I tend to behave* in the face of* difficult or new challenges*?

How do I consider my own mistakes* and feedbacks from other people?

We assessed* our individual attitudes* as “fixed” (we tend to remain exactly where we are for fear of change and effort), “mixed” (we are ready to make some effort and take some risks, but not too much) or “growth” (we like challenges and are ready to work hard to improve our skills*).

Then each of us* focused on one or two areas where we will work to move from a fixed mindset* to a mixed mindset or from a mixed mindset into a growth mindset.

So, we all have a lot of work to do!

Good work and see you next week!


Advice: consiglio

To get prepared: prepararsi

To agree on: essere d'accordo

Should: dovrebbe

Close relationship: stretta relazione

To use up: consumare

Fuel: carburante

In advance: in anticipo

To chunk down: spezzettare, ridurre in piccoli pezzi

Helpful: utile

Could: potrebbe

Plenty of: un sacco di, tanti

Sensible: ragionevole, di buon senso

It’s up to you!: tocca a te! Dipende da te

Taking on challenges: accettare le sfide

Taking risks: correre dei rischi

Learning from mistakes: imparare dagli errori

Accepting criticism: accettare critiche

Feedback: commenti

To behave: comportarsi

In the face of: davanti a

Challenge: sfida

Assess: valutare

Attitude: atteggiamento

Growth: crescita, evoluzione

Each of us: ognuno di noi

Mindset: mentalità

For any further reference, please go to: https://www.mindsetworks.com/account/myresources.aspx

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